Bye-Bye Headaches, Thank You Homeopathy

re you tired of drugs and their side effects? Are you ready for holistic health at its finest? Consider throwing that antiquated theory of just numbing the pain that is still being touted by conventional medicine, out the window. Then, replace your time consuming appointments, expensive drugs and the cost of your health with homeopathy, the superior medicine.

Homeopathy is a medical form that treats the entire person. Instead of addressing only headaches, homeopathy looks not at what is written on the lines, but in back of them. In other words, the homeopath asks questions such as: “When did these headaches begin? What was going on in your life around and before that time? What other symptoms accompany the headaches, such as indigestion, diarrhea, thirst, weepiness. Does the pain occur at the time of a barometric pressure change?” The reason for these and a myriad of other questions is that it is rare that an illness appears without adjunct components. Homeopathy acknowledges these key aspects and then chooses a remedy that fits the entirety of the case. This means that five people with headaches would likely receive five different, well represented, remedies based on their concomitant symptoms.

To simply kill pain is not the objective. Instead, the goal is to not only eliminate the suffering on all levels, but to get to the bottom of the problem and unearth it. Wow, what a great idea! Do you know any other method that approaches illness in this manner?

Remember, symptoms are only markers. They’re not the illness itself. The illness is being reported or spoken through the expression of these outward signs. Eliminating the symptom is akin to removing the smoke alarm in your kitchen. It still doesn’t remove the fire blazing on the stove. That’s why headaches return again and again after being treated with analgesics and the like. The drug has not addressed the problem, only the manifestation of it.

Let’s take Jenna, for example. She began getting headaches about 6 months after a divorce that took place nearly ten years ago. She found herself unable to fall asleep at night due to her resentment. At first, it began as thoughts that repeated themselves over and over in her mind. She’d think; “If I had said this, he would have done that.” or “Next time the attorney asks me, I’m going to tell the story about…”. She couldn’t shut off her mind. Soon, headaches developed and she could feel her health spiraling downward. How different a situation this is from a man who suffers headaches every time the barometric pressure changes!

Jenna’s pathology could easily be chalked up to stress, but what is done with that knowledge? In conventional medicine, that information is interesting, but is not used to determine which drug ought to be prescribed, nor is it used to evacuate the problem, but simply to numb it temporarily. A temporary numb is appropriate when we have a tooth pulled; not when we get an illness that is a representation of a deeper pathology.

In conventional medicine, the answer is always the same, analgesics. They’re fast and easy for the one prescribing it, but it leaves the sufferer with a persistent problem. Alternately, it takes a good deal of time and work for the homeopath to determine the correct remedy that fits the entire person, but is worth the effort.

In Jenna’s case, the headaches manifested shortly after a divorce and were likely precipitated by her anger and recurring thoughts. The anger, resentment and headaches that presented simultaneously are really one illness. Her headaches were an outward manifestation of an inner imbalance of hatred and resentment.

The goal of homeopathy is to stimulate the person’s ability to find its wealth. Surprisingly, the correct homeopathic remedy will allow her anger to be processed so that her head pain will become an unnecessary representation.

So, once a remedy was chosen based on the totality of symptoms, Jenna’s headaches melted away along with resentment. She simply found that the thoughts were more manageable. They came, but didn’t repeat to the point of keeping her awake at night. This is what makes homeopathy so effective. Anything less is paltry in comparison.

The ultimate holistic medical paradigm to excise, not just head pain, but all accompanying imbalances for complete wholeness is the method of choice – homeopathy. Ask Jenna. She knows how satisfying it is and so do millions of others who depend on this gratifying medicine.

The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice. The reader is encouraged to make independent inquires and to seek the advice of a licensed healthcare provider.

“Health is not random” says homeopath, Joette Calabrese HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na). Her book Cure Yourself and Family With Homeopathy and her CDs Perform in the Storm, a Homeopathy First Aid and Secret Spoonfuls; How to get Healthy Foods into Kids Without Getting Caught are collections of experiences as a skilled homeopathic consultant to hundreds.

Her lively, entertaining examples and solutions of what to use for the most

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Are Your Emotions Affecting Your Health?

One of the deficits of modern medicine, at least in the West is its primary focus on the disease rather than the whole person. This has lead to the emergence of holistic health centers across the country, and for good reason. Most of us have experienced some form of emotionally driven heath effect in our lives or at least observed it in others.

Oriental medicine has a different take on disease, and sees it as a manifestation of forces within the body Westerners may at first tend to doubt. But it’s a fact that Chinese herbal medications have produced results for the Chinese for some 5000 years, so it’s hard to dismiss the results out of hand.

The Chinese herbalists believe that all disease is caused by the interruption of the “Chi” (also spelled “Qi.”) This results from imbalances in the yin and yang which in turn is caused by excesses. These excesses may be of a variety of natures, heat and cold, full and empty conditions, internal and external forces and the topic of today’s article, excesses of emotion.

Holistic herbal remedies focus on counteracting excesses including the seven emotional excesses of Joy, Anger, Anxiety, Brooding, Sorrow, Fear and Fright. It is believed that each emotion is connected to one of the five Chinese elements and a specific body organ. The five elements are used to define inter-relationships between the organs, and are also outside the scope of this simple article.

Excessive joy is thought to affect the heart. Anger stimulates the liver and Anxiety the kidney. Brooding affects the spleen and Sorrow the lungs. Fear and Fright both affect the kidney, like anxiety.

Over the eons, Chinese herbal medications have been identified that can calm the nerves, help us sleep, and raise our spirits. These holistic herbal remedies take into account the emotional state of the person as part of their diagnosis, and then add into the equation the interactions as indicated by the five elements, yin and yang etc. So while the emotions are not the entire basis of evaluation, they are a central element that has lead to successful treatments of hundreds of millions of patients.

Understanding these inter relationships and the role of the patients emotional state seems to be a critical part of the equation and one of the reasons for the emergence of holistic herbal remedies in the West as well as the East.

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